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Darkness .

She told him straight up baby hate me now and I promise that you will thank me later. Time passed and she was right. He wished he never did date her. She was a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing and all he saw was what the minds eye was trained to see. Her inside beauty could never meet her outsides expectancy. But with life there were some good days. Only to be overpowered by the bad ones. His forgiving heart couldn’t see it until the ink had dry and the wall had fallen. Trying to pick up the pieces he couldn’t understand why this was his life. Picked up one of those pieces and now he will never find his wife…


Reading Materials

They were never on the same page. Even tho they were reading from the same book. They read all the of the words at some point. But unfortunately the bigger picture is what they both overlooked. She wanted one thing and he wanted the same. When she wanted it to happen, it was him she had to blame. He told her, baby I love you but she couldn’t understand why! She was still feeling the rejections brought upon from some other guy! He asked her to explain and she gave him and incredulous look. It was at this point he realized. They were never reading from the same book.


Looked out the window only to see the darkness that consumes me. Brighter days may be on the horizon but I feel like they we’re never meant for me.
I start to dig myself in a hole and proceed to dig it deeper. I pushed her further away.There’s no wonder why I couldn’t keep her.
She is very strong and independent and certainly doesn’t need to be kept. In my mind I thought she was good. Through her eyes, tears were all that were left.
My mind is always racing. Trying to think of the right things to say. Praying my delivery was right. And you heard it in its proper way.
Looked out the window again and now I do appreciate a sunny day. Sometimes your attitude can make a cloudy day stay away!!!!

On The Horizon

Times have changed but they still manage to feel the same. You feel stuck in a moment but it’s definitely the same game. You’ve got that drank in your cup, with the messenger up. Not sure what winning feels like when you’re down on your luck. Trapped in your own mind, your thoughts tend to become stuck. The demons inside of your head are always willing to pass the buck!  Sometimes it is easier to not give a fuck. Gotta learn to not sweat the little things in life cause your life will just melt away. Worrying about the past can ruin a beautiful day. Life will always be filled with more downs than ups. Keep your held high better things are always on the cusp!


Morbid Shit

Racing to get away but every turn you take seems to be a dead end.
Constantly wondering what you did
and could you have been a better friend.

Cries for help go unanswered makes you think you were never loved at all.
Whatever their reasons may have been they were secretly waiting on your downfall.

As you lay sprawled out on the floor
Empty pill bottle laying in your hand.
All your worries exited your body
No longer worried about why they just couldn’t understand..

Monstah Shit

Sit back and watch, people will show their true character. Veteran status, dumb mothafuckas think I’m some sort of amateur. That shade you threw will always come to the light. I’ma chill cause she’ll be mine before you at the end of the night. The games people play are really just funny to me. Minor league niggas always wanna make it to the big leagues. And no I’m not major but shawty know I got a big heart. Silent killer, my actions will finish this game that you chose to start. Haha nigga but you can’t throw a real man under the bus. Validity out the window, your word we no longer trust. At the end of the day, hats off, I salute you kid. Waking up the Monstah will be something you wish you never did. I’ma lover not a fighter unless its for a worthy cause. I’ll fight for her cause I know she will accept me flaws and all. Go home to your girl, it’s your only move to make. I’ma good dude with a dark side ready to awake…….

Chasing Ghosts

Chasing Ghosts

I left the song on repeat but my feelings for you I could not. With every thought I had of us a piece if me would start to rot. Fantasies and dreams helped me get thru the day and night. Trying to find something real is no longer worth the fight. Chasing dreams is a young mans game and I’m out of breath. Love is not in the cards so I wish it a speedy and painless death. Poured out a little liquor as my official toast. Today is the day I realized that I will no longer be chasing ghosts.

Barren Soul

My feelings are all fucked up and twisted up in a knot. So many issues at once and one with someone I would’ve never thought. I gave my heart to you when everyone said you never deserved it. Well you proved them right and of course I’m left to feel stupid in the end. Vanish in and out of my life like a deadbeat dad. Needless to say you got some daddy issues but we all ain’t that bad. Trust is something that I don’t give up easily much like a virgin. I felt you were a true confidant a true shoulder when I needed it. I’m open with you and you wanna call me a liar. That’s why when you look into my eyes all you see is fire. That cut me to the core but from you I’ve come to expect this. Just because we’re cool doesn’t mean you can approach me with that kind of ignorance. My minds still reeling and there’s more topics to hit. My sober minds telling me to chill but we’ll see what brandy got to say in a lil bit. Nope ain’t nothing changed but I’ll leave y’all with this. Disrespect is never accepted and my feelings will never be dismissed….Not from you, you, you or you………

To The Light

They say its all my fault and they might just be right. But anything whispered in the dark will damn sure come to light. Lightly I no longer take for granted anything said about me. Put me in a ring I got a fighters mentality. I was put on this earth so for this life I will fight. Bet you didn’t think you could see the sun shine at night. So as you can see its not what you say but what I see. My dark days aren’t over but they will no longer be what defines me.

Insecure Me

The ugly duckling that could never shed that image. Growing up I could have never have imagined this. Imagination is all I’m left with and even those are unimaginative. I just know instead of being reactive I need to be more proactive. Activate my self awareness and be the person I know I can be. Ditch the insecurity blanket and deactivate insecure me. Now only if it was just as easy as that. Just flip a switch, run far away without ever looking back. But that’s not how life works its an arduous process. Make a plan, stick with it and one should clearly see some progress. So in this process I gotta realize I am no longer an ugly duckling. But a beautiful swan who has turned out to be a king. Salute