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Asia’s Smile Illuminates All

It was easier to write when I was all sad and blue. No longer in that space cause I have found you. Or better yet, we both found each other. No matter the climate we’ll be able to storm any weather!  With a heart so big, she just melts all the stress away. She makes the sun shine at night to help illuminate the way. The way she makes me feel, I can no longer be sad, mad or angry! She’s always by my side, right where she’s supposed to be. And she forever will be because that’s the pledge I’ve made to her. Independently we’re good but together our bond is that much stronger. I want to give her the world and all of it’s contents. Forever always Asia means we’re built to go the distance!


AS.I.Am (We Shall Be)

The love she gives is very rare to me. Only two have given it but they were in love when they conceived me. She gives me life and more importantly a reason to love again. How rare is it to potentially marry your best friend. But that’s a concept that’s somewhere further down the line. The here and now is the fact that she is all mine. And the now and here is that this one thing is clear. The distance between us is too great because I always need you here. She’s the anchor in my life when everything feels like it’s falling apart.  That sinking feeling is her falling deeper and deeper into my heart.  It is rare in life to find a love that we share. Never shy about my feelings, you will always know I care. Life is so amazing, no longer feel like this is a dream. You and me together, definitely makes a winning team.

Asia (Exploring New Continents)

This life can be crazy you never know when you can meet the one. I gave up on love and really thought my search was done. But we have so much in common, we are one in the same. The only thing I wanna change about you, is your last name. And here you came and it was definitely out of nowhere. Upon further review, the love train has to come from somewhere. Pulled into the station and I didn’t want you to take off. Your lips on mine, we were the very definition of lip locked. Our visions of what we want out of life are one  in the same. But for real the more we talk, you already took my last name. Salute to you cause you have already captured my heart. As much as I wanna skip to the end. I am equally appreciating our start. I’ve never smiled this hard in my lifetime. Just wanna skip through till it’s husband and wife time. I know she feels the same and i know that it’s real. The idea of her will never surpass how I really feel. With you, forever doesn’t seem like a long time. Just patiently waiting until the day that you are all mine!!!

What I’m Looking For

The nerve of this girl trying to tell me that I’m picky. In a lineup of two no girl would ever pick me.
But maybe that’s the real problem. I’m not looking for a girl but a full grown woman.
Too old for the games but young enough to not need to settle. We don’t have to agree on everything but we can meet somewhere in the middle.
A meeting of the minds hoping we can stimulate each other. Be each others best friend and not just the others lover.
Time will dictate when we’ll meet and I hope that you will see. I’m not looking for perfection, just what’s perfect for me.

A Letter to MJ

It had been a long while since the last time we spoke. The calendar changed and something inside of you awoke. You chose to come back into my life for reasons I don’t know. These unresolved feelings I have for you I never let go.

You say your life is a mess so I’m playing the supportive role. Making sure your happiness has been my only goal. I ask the same of you cause my life is also currently a mess. But the support you have given me has been mediocre at best.

Yet and still I’m determined make our situation work. I am not your ex and am not the source of your hurt. You have reopened the idea of us so it’s only right to explore it. If we look hard enough than there might just be a future for us.

Your #Him

I can’t talk to you well at least not the way I want to. Rules are meant to be followed but I’d break them all for you. Whenever I’m around you I just think that that’s where I need to be. I think you feel it to, just by the way you interact with me. I wanna be your everything and that’s for damn sure. I’ll give you the world and on top of that, so much more. Heart never empty cause I’ll overflow it with love girl. Fulfill all of your needs is why I was placed in your world. By the the time I muster up the courage, I fear it’ll be too late. Or maybe enough time will pass and you might find me to be your soulmate. I hope for the latter but if it happens to be the former. Then it’s time to get my courage up and find the words to tell her….

“Natalie’s” Poem

Youngin said it best a closed mouth don’t ever get fed. So true, all I wanna say to her just eating inside my head. She asked why am I so mean to her. Little does she know what I’m trying to mean to her. Cause I already know what she means to me . She’s my sun that shines bright when my skies are dark and cloudy. I could tell her all that and she’ll still probably think I’m playing. So many guys run game on her be interfering with what I’m saying. My words come from the heart and I just wanna place them in hers. Words may be cool but my actions are better than insurance. I wanna ensure her that I am trying to be her one. I’ve been trying to tell her that she is my sun. Smile so wide it’s easy to get lost in it. Silly games being played we both know who we should be with. That’s each other tho I heard you loud an clear from the start. Dating and working together is something you trying to keep apart. Some ideas just need to be thrown out the window. It will only be a bad idea if you don’t go with the flow. Flow with me so we don’t both regret what we could have had. You and me together!!! You know that doesn’t sound that bad……

The Butterfly Effect

Right there in front of me stood what I had been looking for for so long. There’s a chance I’m really right or even worse that I’m dead wrong. I noticed a change when it started being we. We should do this. We should do that. Not just you and me. Standing so close to the fire I wonder why it took so long to get burnt. Being burned so many times callouses protected me from the hurt.
It didn’t hit me at first cause I never figured or dreamed of a possibility.
But now I see much clearer and realize that this could be a reality.
A few dominoes would have to drop and I’m not praying for that outcome.
But they’re a necessary evil in this cause I believe that I am her one.

Spirits Up

Been trying to get away from the woe is me mentality. Cause that’s not the person that I’m trying to be. Better yet that’s not the best version of me. An definitely not the person that I want you to see. Yeah I could probably get a girl with lowest of esteem. But that combo would be a nightmare, nothing close to a dream. So if its a queen that I seek then I need to be her king. No more downing myself gonna keep work on keeping my spirits up and coming.


Liked or unliked never used to matter to me. That idea changed now that I find myself all by my lonely. Thoughts and pics get posted but who really gives a fuck. Even winning the lottery wouldn’t change my bad luck. Mired in a funk that I don’t know how to get out of. Below the ground thinker I need to somehow manage to rise above. I’m in an invisible race I’m just trying to win your heart. Not even sure if the race began and I missed the start. But if I compared you to me I wouldn’t stand a chance. Your beauty resonates so loudly I’ll sit this one out knowing I can’t advance. I saw your big ass smile and knew I wasn’t the reason. Got mad for half second knowing damn well it’ll never be my season. So all I have to give are these words that really have no meaning. Without a her in my life the thought of love is just something I can’t believe in. And just like that my spirits just fell a little bit deeper. In all relationships there’s gonna be a settler and a reacher. So I’m gonna reach out for you cause that’s the most I can do. I don’t want you to settle for me but I know I’m what’s best for you. And I get that for you to believe that I gotta believe too. Just know that I’ll do everything in my power to make all your dreams come true.