Still Hopeful

My heart melts every time she looks me in the eyes. Wondering if it’s me or just how she looks at all of the guys. I want to be loved solely off of what I think she see’s in me. Given the chance. I will always try to live up to be man you need me to be!!!! Always someone to never bite my tongue and always keep it real. Give you the truth always, no matter how it makes you feel. I would expect the same from you cause your opinion would always matter. Our minds working in unison, never ever listening to the  outside chatter! With her big head, big eyes. Well her damn near big everything. I can only imagine what type of happiness this union could truly bring. Still hopeful!!!!


Monstah #2017

My written words go unseen for whatever the reason. When its meant for her. I may not be the one for her season. Put myself on the line. It feels like I’m fishing for a compliment. Reeling in the wrong ones has always been to my detriment. Learning from my mistakes may lead me to be a better man. But through those mistakes she can probably do better than….


Looked out the window only to see the darkness that consumes me. Brighter days may be on the horizon but I feel like they we’re never meant for me.
I start to dig myself in a hole and proceed to dig it deeper. I pushed her further away.There’s no wonder why I couldn’t keep her.
She is very strong and independent and certainly doesn’t need to be kept. In my mind I thought she was good. Through her eyes, tears were all that were left.
My mind is always racing. Trying to think of the right things to say. Praying my delivery was right. And you heard it in its proper way.
Looked out the window again and now I do appreciate a sunny day. Sometimes your attitude can make a cloudy day stay away!!!!

Finished Thought 10-30

Maybe I’m the good guy. Or maybe I’m the devil with a good heart. Negativity could lead you to believe I was the wrong one from the start!!! Blaming me from the beginning not even realizing you were playing a part! Part of me becoming the villian that I came to be. Looking in the mirror and not recognizing the man I used to see.  I eventually saw myself thru a new set of eyes. A pair that doesn’t judge and aren’t made up to disguise. Your true feelings that are no longer masked by lies. Unseen thoughts that have led you to despise. Love used to be measurr by which we judged each other. Now we can’t stand to be around one another. Goodbye!

On The Horizon

Times have changed but they still manage to feel the same. You feel stuck in a moment but it’s definitely the same game. You’ve got that drank in your cup, with the messenger up. Not sure what winning feels like when you’re down on your luck. Trapped in your own mind, your thoughts tend to become stuck. The demons inside of your head are always willing to pass the buck!  Sometimes it is easier to not give a fuck. Gotta learn to not sweat the little things in life cause your life will just melt away. Worrying about the past can ruin a beautiful day. Life will always be filled with more downs than ups. Keep your held high better things are always on the cusp!


Monstah 2016

Nothing was the same as soon as I saw your face. Once we we locked eyes, everything fell into place! I found my comfort zone or at least where I can be me. A smile on my face is the only image I want you to see. Cornball or cheesy is the only way I can be described! Drink my spirit in is how I want to be imbibed! One minute I’m here and then I’m on some newness. Even when I know, I come off as if I’m clueless. Bottles popped and we are on to some new shit. I couldn’t ever imagine my life without this! Everyday presents a new challenge, something else for us to deal with. Overcoming it all because we only deal with the realness. The heart will always want what it wants even based off of resistance. My heart will say it will happen based off of persistence!!!! #modm

Asia’s Smile Illuminates All

It was easier to write when I was all sad and blue. No longer in that space cause I have found you. Or better yet, we both found each other. No matter the climate we’ll be able to storm any weather!  With a heart so big, she just melts all the stress away. She makes the sun shine at night to help illuminate the way. The way she makes me feel, I can no longer be sad, mad or angry! She’s always by my side, right where she’s supposed to be. And she forever will be because that’s the pledge I’ve made to her. Independently we’re good but together our bond is that much stronger. I want to give her the world and all of it’s contents. Forever always Asia means we’re built to go the distance!

AS.I.Am (We Shall Be)

The love she gives is very rare to me. Only two have given it but they were in love when they conceived me. She gives me life and more importantly a reason to love again. How rare is it to potentially marry your best friend. But that’s a concept that’s somewhere further down the line. The here and now is the fact that she is all mine. And the now and here is that this one thing is clear. The distance between us is too great because I always need you here. She’s the anchor in my life when everything feels like it’s falling apart.  That sinking feeling is her falling deeper and deeper into my heart.  It is rare in life to find a love that we share. Never shy about my feelings, you will always know I care. Life is so amazing, no longer feel like this is a dream. You and me together, definitely makes a winning team.

Asia (Exploring New Continents)

This life can be crazy you never know when you can meet the one. I gave up on love and really thought my search was done. But we have so much in common, we are one in the same. The only thing I wanna change about you, is your last name. And here you came and it was definitely out of nowhere. Upon further review, the love train has to come from somewhere. Pulled into the station and I didn’t want you to take off. Your lips on mine, we were the very definition of lip locked. Our visions of what we want out of life are one  in the same. But for real the more we talk, you already took my last name. Salute to you cause you have already captured my heart. As much as I wanna skip to the end. I am equally appreciating our start. I’ve never smiled this hard in my lifetime. Just wanna skip through till it’s husband and wife time. I know she feels the same and i know that it’s real. The idea of her will never surpass how I really feel. With you, forever doesn’t seem like a long time. Just patiently waiting until the day that you are all mine!!!

Sink or Swim (POF II)

We in the same pool only we swimming in two different directions. Your breaststroke is major while my doggy paddle limits my selections. Head down, goals up. Thats the only dream that keeps my hopes up. Complications in our past won’t allow our strokes to mean something. I wanna swim in your eyes till our smiles become one. That’s the thing tho those are the only two oceans that I wanna learn how to swim in. I guess I’ll never learn how to swim then, let me stay away from the deep and just chill in the shallow end.