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7 seconds or less >>>> The Triangle

According to a poll on 68% of people wanted Phil Jackson. My question is why??? I respect Phil and his legacy, afterall he has already won 5 titles as the Lakers coach along with 6 he won with the Bulls. But this team wasn’t constructed to run The Princeton and it damn sure isn’t built to run the Triangle. Historically, the triangle offense has never featured an elite point guard ( John Paxson, BJ Armstrong, Steve Kerr, Ron Harper, Derek Fisher, Smush Freaking Parker for God’s sake)and it never had to because at it’s core it’s just a motion offense. Steve Nash needs the ball in his hands so he can do “Steve Nash” like things. He is a pick and roll type point guard and with Kobe, Dwight and Pau the options are limitless and quite scary. Now all that being said, he needs to be healthy for any of this to matter. But being that he was league MVP two times under D’Antoni leads me to the conclusion that D’Antoni is the better fit. Another factor is that the rumors were true about what Phil wanted in order to coach would have been asking for a little bit much. Essentially he wanted control of operations and travel restrictions. No team needs a part time coach even with the pedigree Phil has. This would have been a 3rd stint for the Zen Master and not sure that it would’ve been a charm. This roster may not be built for 7 seconds or less but definitely not the triangle


Return of Team Gang Green

There’s always a week in fantasy where you’re like damn ” Team X didn’t set their roster. Why can’t I play THAT team???” Well this week was that week, I was playing “Team X”. Tho it probably wouldn’t have mattered as my team went HAM!!!! it started with a sneaky pick up of San Diegos D/ST that got the ball rolling with 26 pts. 7 out of my 9 positions put up double digits (5 were 20+). 157 total pts later I have got my 2nd win this season….WOO HOO!!!! oh and shout out to Doug Martin who put up 51!!!! pts and entered his name in what was the two qb race for rookie of the year…Salute

The year of the Purple and Gold

Many of the pundits have declared this to be Lebron and The Heats year once again. And why not, Lebron has seemingly realized that he has a chance to go down as the best player of all time, statistically speaking anyways. But The Lakers, again most pundits have them losing to The Heat, are poised to be a serious contender. The Lakers have the best starting five in the league. They have 4 perrenial all stars and a guy in Metta World Peace who won’t be asked to do much offensively but is still a legitimate on the ball defender. Which is where his true value lies. To get outta the west, he will have the daunting task of shutting down Kevin Durant, the reigning scoring champ. Not an easy task but he has done it before so it’s not out of the realm that he can do it again. The additions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash just add to the Lakers legacy of centers and point guards. There health is an issue but if all goes to script, their minutes (especially Nash’s) should be down as they should be beating down teams thru 3 quarters that will allow them to rest in the 4th. Both Kobe and Pau should benefit from Nash’s prescence. Pau in a pick n roll situation will present matchup problems cause of Nash’s high basketball iq putting him in the best postion to succeed. And well Kobe is Kobe. He won’t have to do it all by himself ie creating his own shot. He is still gonna avg. 27 pts a game and be called to do Kobe-esque things when needed. The two things that worry me are the bench and the coach. Antawn Jamison is the biggest name off the bench and seeing how this is a complimentary role, he should be ok. Steve Blake showed flashes of being a competent backup point but needs to be more consistent. But that being said there is the potential of having at least two all stars on the court at all times and that comes down to coaching. Mike Brown hasn’t proven to be the best coach but he is also filling big shoes in replacing Phil Jackson. But he has too much talent to screw this up. So I fully expect this to be the year No.17 goes up into the rafters. Tipoff is hours away and I will view this season thru purple and gold hued glasses.

I’m confused…geographically speaking

Dear NFL, stop playing games in London. It is a dumb idea. I understand the need to go global but let’s NOT do it during the regular season. This years game is so puzzling to me. It features ST.Louis and New England. Now for the punchline to a bad joke I get it, New England playing in…wait for it….England!!!! Bad jokes aside, why aren’t they the “home” team??? Last time I checked Massachusetts is a lot closer to England than Missouri is but yet and still ST.Louis is the “home”…Does ST.Louis get to keep all the gate revenues like they would at a regular home game? That I don’t know but come Sunday they are gonna have to travel a lot further than their opponent to play in what is a “home” game. Outta spite and the fact that I hate New England I’m take ST.Louis and the points!!!

A Fantasy Worth Reliving

I, the proud owner of The Gang Green Monstahs have won my first week of fantasy football. 2 weeks ago I was of the mindset that a tie was better than a loss, that’s a losers mentality and just a moral victory and as Jay Z reminds us ” moral victories are for minor league coaches, Ye already told ya we major ya cockroaches.” irregaurdless of what happens tonight, I’m up 77-31 with Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall’s projected 33 more points between, I have already sealed the week. I hope this fantasy replays itself in the same manner for the next 7 weeks. It’s time my Monstahs make this fantasy my reality.


Me and my boy say shocker like we white girls from the valley or the Jersey Shore lol ( he’s black as well btw lol). We see some shit on a day to day on the job that would surprise most but very much expected to us. So we hit these situations with a sarcastic “Shocker” and an eye roll. So let’s review my football picks vs the spread for the week. Now mind you coming into this week I’m 26-48-3 aka not very good at all. Heading into tonights Den/SD I am a sizzling 4-9, say it with me now….”SHOCKER!!!” I had to turn all this losing into something beneficial so with every week I’m finish under .500 I’m doing pushups and sit-ups. If the next 11 weeks go as they have I’m gonna be in good shape this winter lol….Oh yeah my Jets won and WILL win next weeks game vs The Pats 28-24!!!