Monthly Archives: May 2018

My Heart

My ears are not open right now
Wish you knew that from the start.
You spoke way too soon
When it came to matters of the heart.

I have heard it all before
And now I only yearn for something real.
I have to be vocal about this
Because you need to know how I really feel.

I have seen a lot in this life
And I am certain you have as well.
Great things await those
Who’s life has been full of hell.

I say all of this to say that
My ears and heart will one day align.
When that day happens I hope
I will be yours and you will be mine.



The love that exists in my mind.
I want it to live in your heart.
The sentiment only grows stronger
The longer that we spend apart.

Can we actually sit down and just
Tell each other how we really feel
Daydreaming only about you
Just wondering if we could be real.

Now i know this might be a thing
But maybe something you need to hear.
I may not be the one for you but
I just might be and that is your biggest fear.

No fear because this love I have
May never ever reach your heart.
I overthink every single situation
When “Hello” is a really good start.


My eyes are finally open
Now i see life really clear.
You told me who you were
I guess I didn’t wanna hear.

I will never say you led me on
I believed everything I wanted to.
I needed something else and
For that I will never blame you.

I was heading down a dark path
You were there to console me.
When the obstacles were cleared
I thought it would be you and I only.

That was never meant to be
And something that I had to face.
We had that one time, that one good day
Out of anywhere in my most favorite place.

I hope you find what is meant for you
And I am working on doing the same.
Love is not something to be handed out. But a feeling that we need to claim.

My Happiness

One day I just might be someone’s one
Who she is well she hasn’t shown her face.
My brain well off to the races and And reality is clearly telling me to slow the pace.

She is somewhere out there doing her
Patiently waiting on me to enter her life.
In the back of her frustrated mind
She is wondering when she will be a wife.

I’m here to tell her she should out herself
A day went by and we didn’t kill the other. I hope when she does that she will always be open to. Trusting and always finding ourselves in one another.

That is too much pressure for her to take on
She deserves the very best and I will assist.
If I can’t be the reason that she is smiling
Then I failed her and me finding my happiness.

Her Happiness

There once was a time
When I had your heart.
But as soon as i gave you mine.
That’s when yours fell apart.

Heading down the wrong path
In me you had a scapegoat
Your breathing was normal
Till I firmly grasped your throat.

Not a hands on situation
But simply more of a feeling.
Before me your life was looking up
Now your basement has become your ceiling.

All of your future ventures
Came to a very grinding halt.
Even with my intentions so pure
Your downfall will always be my fault.

Good days and bad ones as well
But we always yearned for the better place.
Put all that to the side and
Only hope you find yourself in a better space.

Happiness should be everyone’s goal
And I certainly wish that upon you.
Good luck with that and as always
You already know that I am here for you. Peace!


There is never a better time than the present
Timing is everything is what the masses say.
We chose today on a whim and prayer.
Whatever may happen at least we had today

On your worst day i hope we can
Sit and a have a deep conversation.
I want to fall in love with your mind.
All I ask is that you give me some mental stimulation.

Maybe that’s is not on the table
And you did me a favor just to be kind.
Sometimes we all need a break
And an opportunity to just unwind.

I thought I did my best but
Life has a way of reminding me that
You planted a seed in many
Hoping to find yourself in someone
Who will love you unconditionally!

Maybe love is not on your brain
And I can definitely understand that.
You let me into your world
And I was never scared and that’s a fact.

Whatever is meant to will always be
But in time that will be revealed.
I will help you work through whatever.
Or I will be there when you are fully healed.