Monthly Archives: November 2017

Eat These Words

They said that if you freed your mind
Then the the rest would follow.
Unfortunately you were hard headed and
Your pride you wouldn’t swallow.

Closed minded you talked a lot
And you convinced yourself of the bs.
Inflammatory thoughts you had
Kept your mind in distress.

If you would’ve shut the fuck up
And just sat down and listen.
The lessons you would’ve heard
Would’ve been worth the free admission.

But since you ain’t freely admitting
You will always be stuck in your old ways
And always finding yourself unfortunately
Looking back on all of the bad days.

I put your feelings ahead of mine
Never batted an eye was happy to do it.
Reciprocity is only cool
When I don’t have to ask for it.

If you allowed yourself to stick around
And listened to what I said from the start.
You might have have digested the messasge
And nourished on the very best part…..