Monthly Archives: August 2017

In Between Thoughts

I made the bold move to greet you and
I don’t know if you are here for a reason.
Not sure if this was meant to last long
Or sadly just another wasted season.

I stepped firmly out of a zone in which
You have never seen me implanted in.
I could paint you a very dark image but
I want you to see me in my very on skin.

Ups and downs, the rollercoaster of life
I don’t ride my life wearing a safety belt.
Sadness has built up an iceberg that
Even your happiness probably couldn’t melt.

That is all very much speculation though
Because i do not know much about you.
The introvert in me says leave her alone but
My heart says she is not what you are used to.

What i do i know is very simply this.
It is out of my thoughts and into your eyes.
What is real and what is not I am hoping
That somewhere the real truth lies!!!!