Monthly Archives: March 2017

Darkness .

She told him straight up baby hate me now and I promise that you will thank me later. Time passed and she was right. He wished he never did date her. She was a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing and all he saw was what the minds eye was trained to see. Her inside beauty could never meet her outsides expectancy. But with life there were some good days. Only to be overpowered by the bad ones. His forgiving heart couldn’t see it until the ink had dry and the wall had fallen. Trying to pick up the pieces he couldn’t understand why this was his life. Picked up one of those pieces and now he will never find his wife…


All time is precious and it’s always easy to consider your own. Out partying all night never considering that he was alone. Scenarios swapped and now you’re on the other side. Confronted by your own hypocrisy with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. With all time considered, you figured you could just sit back and watch. His fabric was different, he was cut from a different cloth. Fully dressed ideas now only come to you while sit by your self on the couch. Sadly those thoughts were Midas without the golden touch. Moral of the story is watch how you act when times are really, really good. It can bite you in the ass in ways you never thought it could or would…..

How Things Can Change

She said she would always have his back. Especially when no one else would stay. Talking the biggest game knowing damn well she wouldn’t do the things that she did say. Words are just that and they can mean whatever that you want em. As it would turn out, she never truly had the capacity to actually believe them. She wanted a validity that never could have come from him. When all else failed, she simply blamed it all on them. A lifetime passed and she saw that nothing changed. A lifetime passed but the blame just got rearranged! She had a big ass house with nothing else to show. Lights shining bright, not even a shadow could be found on the low. From the lows to the high they knew they were gonna make it through the night. Always remember fighting through the dark that they knew could get you them to their light!!!