Monthly Archives: January 2017

Still Hopeful

My heart melts every time she looks me in the eyes. Wondering if it’s me or just how she looks at all of the guys. I want to be loved solely off of what I think she see’s in me. Given the chance. I will always try to live up to be man you need me to be!!!! Always someone to never bite my tongue and always keep it real. Give you the truth always, no matter how it makes you feel. I would expect the same from you cause your opinion would always matter. Our minds working in unison, never ever listening to the  outside chatter! With her big head, big eyes. Well her damn near big everything. I can only imagine what type of happiness this union could truly bring. Still hopeful!!!!


Monstah #2017

My written words go unseen for whatever the reason. When its meant for her. I may not be the one for her season. Put myself on the line. It feels like I’m fishing for a compliment. Reeling in the wrong ones has always been to my detriment. Learning from my mistakes may lead me to be a better man. But through those mistakes she can probably do better than….