Monthly Archives: April 2016

On The Horizon

Times have changed but they still manage to feel the same. You feel stuck in a moment but it’s definitely the same game. You’ve got that drank in your cup, with the messenger up. Not sure what winning feels like when you’re down on your luck. Trapped in your own mind, your thoughts tend to become stuck. The demons inside of your head are always willing to pass the buck!  Sometimes it is easier to not give a fuck. Gotta learn to not sweat the little things in life cause your life will just melt away. Worrying about the past can ruin a beautiful day. Life will always be filled with more downs than ups. Keep your held high better things are always on the cusp!



Monstah 2016

Nothing was the same as soon as I saw your face. Once we we locked eyes, everything fell into place! I found my comfort zone or at least where I can be me. A smile on my face is the only image I want you to see. Cornball or cheesy is the only way I can be described! Drink my spirit in is how I want to be imbibed! One minute I’m here and then I’m on some newness. Even when I know, I come off as if I’m clueless. Bottles popped and we are on to some new shit. I couldn’t ever imagine my life without this! Everyday presents a new challenge, something else for us to deal with. Overcoming it all because we only deal with the realness. The heart will always want what it wants even based off of resistance. My heart will say it will happen based off of persistence!!!! #modm