Monthly Archives: August 2014

AS.I.Am (We Shall Be)

The love she gives is very rare to me. Only two have given it but they were in love when they conceived me. She gives me life and more importantly a reason to love again. How rare is it to potentially marry your best friend. But that’s a concept that’s somewhere further down the line. The here and now is the fact that she is all mine. And the now and here is that this one thing is clear. The distance between us is too great because I always need you here. She’s the anchor in my life when everything feels like it’s falling apart.  That sinking feeling is her falling deeper and deeper into my heart.  It is rare in life to find a love that we share. Never shy about my feelings, you will always know I care. Life is so amazing, no longer feel like this is a dream. You and me together, definitely makes a winning team.