Monthly Archives: July 2014

Asia (Exploring New Continents)

This life can be crazy you never know when you can meet the one. I gave up on love and really thought my search was done. But we have so much in common, we are one in the same. The only thing I wanna change about you, is your last name. And here you came and it was definitely out of nowhere. Upon further review, the love train has to come from somewhere. Pulled into the station and I didn’t want you to take off. Your lips on mine, we were the very definition of lip locked. Our visions of what we want out of life are one  in the same. But for real the more we talk, you already took my last name. Salute to you cause you have already captured my heart. As much as I wanna skip to the end. I am equally appreciating our start. I’ve never smiled this hard in my lifetime. Just wanna skip through till it’s husband and wife time. I know she feels the same and i know that it’s real. The idea of her will never surpass how I really feel. With you, forever doesn’t seem like a long time. Just patiently waiting until the day that you are all mine!!!