Monthly Archives: June 2014

Sink or Swim (POF II)

We in the same pool only we swimming in two different directions. Your breaststroke is major while my doggy paddle limits my selections. Head down, goals up. Thats the only dream that keeps my hopes up. Complications in our past won’t allow our strokes to mean something. I wanna swim in your eyes till our smiles become one. That’s the thing tho those are the only two oceans that I wanna learn how to swim in. I guess I’ll never learn how to swim then, let me stay away from the deep and just chill in the shallow end.


Walking Away

I do a lot of thinking, especially when I’m drinking. Fantasies come to an end as soon as reality begins to sink back in. I’m only allowed about a little bit of happiness. Can’t be wasting it on girls whom I’m bound to miss. Last kiss…hmm I have to think on it. Told a bitch to kiss my ass cause that’s the most she could get from my lips. There was a point where she could have gotten the world from me. Now she can pardon my back cause that’ll be the last thing she will see of me. Walking away….