Monthly Archives: February 2014

What I’m Looking For

The nerve of this girl trying to tell me that I’m picky. In a lineup of two no girl would ever pick me.
But maybe that’s the real problem. I’m not looking for a girl but a full grown woman.
Too old for the games but young enough to not need to settle. We don’t have to agree on everything but we can meet somewhere in the middle.
A meeting of the minds hoping we can stimulate each other. Be each others best friend and not just the others lover.
Time will dictate when we’ll meet and I hope that you will see. I’m not looking for perfection, just what’s perfect for me.


Old And The Beautiful

Beauty and the beast situation but I now know what role you fulfill. That fake smile you presented made me feel like this was Gods will. On a pedestal I placed you even tho everyone said you didn’t deserve it. They say talk that talk cause it makes you seem like you’re full of shit. I took you out the other night cause I thought that you were the one. Never thought you would be the type to take the doggie bag and run. It’s not some four score and seven years ago type ish. But the thought of you loving my old ass was my only wish. This breakfast that I’m whipping up is for you and only you. Till death do us part is the only thing I’m trying to do…

Morbid Shit

Racing to get away but every turn you take seems to be a dead end.
Constantly wondering what you did
and could you have been a better friend.

Cries for help go unanswered makes you think you were never loved at all.
Whatever their reasons may have been they were secretly waiting on your downfall.

As you lay sprawled out on the floor
Empty pill bottle laying in your hand.
All your worries exited your body
No longer worried about why they just couldn’t understand..