The year is gonna end the same way it started. Running, chasing the love train that has already departed. I thought love was a ghost that I was merely chasing. An idea that has left me stagnant and complacent. It’s not a ghost but just a feeling that was never meant for me. I live in a dreaming state cause its easier to face than reality. Realistically speaking I’m trying to outlive some things I’ve come to regret. Punishment fitting the crime is the only thing I’ve come to expect. In my mind my sentence should’ve been completed awhile ago. But when it’s matters of the heart, one can never know. Through all of that, I hope that all this will change with you. Behind even the darkest cloud lies a sky that is blue.


2 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Wow! Your style of writing is amazing poetry! True talent! I would have liked this to be two paragraphs to break up the amount of text. However, it was truly inspiring to read. I could feel the emotions you were trying to portray about life, love, and in general.

    Wish you well in your goals for this new upcoming new year. 🙂

    Isa XX

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