“Natalie’s” Poem

Youngin said it best a closed mouth don’t ever get fed. So true, all I wanna say to her just eating inside my head. She asked why am I so mean to her. Little does she know what I’m trying to mean to her. Cause I already know what she means to me . She’s my sun that shines bright when my skies are dark and cloudy. I could tell her all that and she’ll still probably think I’m playing. So many guys run game on her be interfering with what I’m saying. My words come from the heart and I just wanna place them in hers. Words may be cool but my actions are better than insurance. I wanna ensure her that I am trying to be her one. I’ve been trying to tell her that she is my sun. Smile so wide it’s easy to get lost in it. Silly games being played we both know who we should be with. That’s each other tho I heard you loud an clear from the start. Dating and working together is something you trying to keep apart. Some ideas just need to be thrown out the window. It will only be a bad idea if you don’t go with the flow. Flow with me so we don’t both regret what we could have had. You and me together!!! You know that doesn’t sound that bad……


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