Monstah Shit

Sit back and watch, people will show their true character. Veteran status, dumb mothafuckas think I’m some sort of amateur. That shade you threw will always come to the light. I’ma chill cause she’ll be mine before you at the end of the night. The games people play are really just funny to me. Minor league niggas always wanna make it to the big leagues. And no I’m not major but shawty know I got a big heart. Silent killer, my actions will finish this game that you chose to start. Haha nigga but you can’t throw a real man under the bus. Validity out the window, your word we no longer trust. At the end of the day, hats off, I salute you kid. Waking up the Monstah will be something you wish you never did. I’ma lover not a fighter unless its for a worthy cause. I’ll fight for her cause I know she will accept me flaws and all. Go home to your girl, it’s your only move to make. I’ma good dude with a dark side ready to awake…….


6 thoughts on “Monstah Shit

  1. I just finished reading every one of your posts. From beginning to now I heard all your boasts.
    The loneliness hurts, the darkness is deep. But from my heart I know, I shall always weep.
    Your pain is like mine, insecure in me too. The ideas range from not having any boo.
    You’re not alone in your space, many of us feel lost too, in this place.

    Ok, so I can’t rhyme like you…but you are an inspiration. I found you through NaBloPoMo on Thank you for sharing yourself, it’s nice to find another who isn’t like all the others.

    The Lady Kay

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