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Chasing Ghosts

Chasing Ghosts

I left the song on repeat but my feelings for you I could not. With every thought I had of us a piece if me would start to rot. Fantasies and dreams helped me get thru the day and night. Trying to find something real is no longer worth the fight. Chasing dreams is a young mans game and I’m out of breath. Love is not in the cards so I wish it a speedy and painless death. Poured out a little liquor as my official toast. Today is the day I realized that I will no longer be chasing ghosts.


Green Eyes

I put some feelings on a page and then they disappeared. That is, they weren’t all that real which is what I feared. Caught up in a moment I lost track of what is right. Whatever that moment was it lasted all of that one night. Butterflies floating in my stomach I wanted to get you to the dungeon. Light a few a candles, pour some wine and then let the real fun begin. I’m blushing thinking of all the things that I would have did to you. Light kiss here and a light kiss there, spread your legs then…..woo!!! Of course none of that happened, got to my door and said our goodbyes. I offered that wine and while she thought about it said that would not be wise. Damn, that would have been one hell of a night…..

The Butterfly Effect

Right there in front of me stood what I had been looking for for so long. There’s a chance I’m really right or even worse that I’m dead wrong. I noticed a change when it started being we. We should do this. We should do that. Not just you and me. Standing so close to the fire I wonder why it took so long to get burnt. Being burned so many times callouses protected me from the hurt.
It didn’t hit me at first cause I never figured or dreamed of a possibility.
But now I see much clearer and realize that this could be a reality.
A few dominoes would have to drop and I’m not praying for that outcome.
But they’re a necessary evil in this cause I believe that I am her one.