Monthly Archives: September 2013

Gator Shit

All that speculation thats swirling around, let me put it to an end. Given any opportunity i would love to be more than just a friend. There’s something in the air I ain’t usually the asshole type. But my nigga if you drop the ball I might just take ya wife. Everything’s game when it relates to matters of the heart. You might not even been an option if I was there from the start. Cocky and arrogant is how I’m gonna play this game. Don’t get mad if she with you and accidentally says my name. Haha it’s all good tho just chalk it up to anything can happen. Don’t sleep on me tho cuz I’ll be the last man standing and laughing. In your spot where you held it down for so long. With you on the sidelines thinking where did it all go wrong…..


Barren Soul

My feelings are all fucked up and twisted up in a knot. So many issues at once and one with someone I would’ve never thought. I gave my heart to you when everyone said you never deserved it. Well you proved them right and of course I’m left to feel stupid in the end. Vanish in and out of my life like a deadbeat dad. Needless to say you got some daddy issues but we all ain’t that bad. Trust is something that I don’t give up easily much like a virgin. I felt you were a true confidant a true shoulder when I needed it. I’m open with you and you wanna call me a liar. That’s why when you look into my eyes all you see is fire. That cut me to the core but from you I’ve come to expect this. Just because we’re cool doesn’t mean you can approach me with that kind of ignorance. My minds still reeling and there’s more topics to hit. My sober minds telling me to chill but we’ll see what brandy got to say in a lil bit. Nope ain’t nothing changed but I’ll leave y’all with this. Disrespect is never accepted and my feelings will never be dismissed….Not from you, you, you or you………

To The Light

They say its all my fault and they might just be right. But anything whispered in the dark will damn sure come to light. Lightly I no longer take for granted anything said about me. Put me in a ring I got a fighters mentality. I was put on this earth so for this life I will fight. Bet you didn’t think you could see the sun shine at night. So as you can see its not what you say but what I see. My dark days aren’t over but they will no longer be what defines me.