Monthly Archives: July 2013


I run the race I’m just slower than most. More selective now, more careful what I post. Feelings don’t change only situations do. I fell hard and I’m kinda mad it was for you. It was like I saw what I wanted to see. Words too good they could never be for me. No love lost cause there wasn’t any to be found. Unspoken words said to no one that ever wanted to be around….



I’ve been broken to the point
Where all I wanted to do was cry.
But life is just a long road of tests.
And you gotta keep your head held high.
I will forever be filled with insecurities
And I’ll deal with them as they arise.
Shed real tears whenever necessary
Enjoy the little things cause life will pass you by….

My Minds Eye

Can’t believed I let it happen again.
No longer was i thinking with the right head.
Blindly following a hope and a dream.
When I should’ve used common sense instead.
My brain only had one ? for my heart
How did you let it go on for so long? Believed in a false narrative for what?
How could you have been so wrong?
Matters of the heart can lead to
A lifetime of frustrations.
Making you believe something is real while being led by an over active imagination.
It was crazy to think about and
I’m not sure what made me even believe.
My minds eye couldn’t reconcile what the heart was trying to conceive…..


I got tired of running so I let y’all collect the bounty that was on my head. Guilty of all charges the penalty was death and I gotta tell ya, I’m glad that nigga dead. It’s the rebirth of me and you might not like what you see. Reconcile that on your own time cause you no longer dictate my happy. So now I’m an asshole??? yeah you might be right. But when dead me wanted to go to war, were you ready to fight? Battle after battle it was me against the world. And loss after loss what was gained cause I never got the girl. I don’t play the blame game but don’t ask about the “old” me. Y’all killed that nigga dead so thankfully that is someone I can no longer be. Salute

Death of The Old Me

Inspiration can come from several different places. Open your eyes let the world be your motivation. Friends are supposed to be there no matter what the situation. Sunny days will leave a mark we call it perspiration. The mark you left was uninspired where’s the dedication? No days off your feelings took a motherfucking vacation. Left me alone you didn’t care what the fuck I was saying. Suicidal thoughts had the blood from wrists fucking spraying. Dead to the world i can no longer be someone’s motivation. Your neglect of me is the reason I’m no longer breathing…

No Witnesses (Alone)

There’s a difference in feeling like you’re alone and actually being alone. To be means there’s nobody on the other end when you reach for your phone. Pour your heart and soul out into a very empty atmosphere. Your cries for help broadcasted for nobody in the world to hear. You second guess yourself because there’s nothing else left to do. No one else to pick you up cause all you have is you. If I felt like I was alone that would just be a temporary feeling. Knowing damn well there’s more than one person underneath that ceiling. Cause in a room full of people you can still end up feeling empty. No shared interests, not giving up anything physically or emotionally. I’m not sure what I did and I hate how it’s playing out. Trust issues don’t come out of nowhere. But when you’re alone, there are no witnesses to bare.