Monstah vs Me

Fresh out of the cage I was allowed to roam and play. Mindset was fuck if its wrong and fuck what you gotta say. I have a switch and I moved that bitch towards turnt up. They say timing is everything well that was your dumb luck. I put the good guy away he was getting on my last nerve. All the bs he put up with wondering if he’ll ever learn.

I had to calm down Monstah cuz he was getting out of hand. Hell I even hate to sit down I’m such a stand up man. Short term thinking, he is only worried bout the here and now. I got an image to keep up, I would hate to let anyone down. I treat people the way I would like to be treated. Life isn’t easy and my self esteem is easily defeated.

He talking bout self esteem like you can buy it at the store. Get with a few girls randomly and when that’s over, go get some more. This nice guy ninja gets into troubles that only I can get out of. Can’t be nice to everyone we ain’t all cut from the same cloth. Now where the bad bitches at cuz I’m trying to fuck. Frustrating dealing with this ninja and all his bad luck.

My luck has never really been too good but I would like to think I’m blessed. Controlling what I can only helps me in not being stressed. This guy on some no love lost and zero fucks given ish. Me I’m out here really living by hope and wish. Cuz I really hope I put away my desires of just being with bad bitches. And wish i would just hurry up and finally find my mrs….(green that is)


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