Monthly Archives: May 2013

Why? Not! Me….

We play the back and forth
And it’s not hard to see
Scaring off other females
So why can’t it be me.
You say I’m a nice guy and
Will someday make someone happy.
I wanna make you smile forever
Why won’t you let it be me.
You are like the girl of my dreams
Only you exist in my reality.
You’ve got an emptiness in your heart.
I could fill it if only you would let me.
You are my best friend and that’s
Who you are supposed to marry.
Alas dreams don’t always come true
Now I know we will never be.



If home is where the heart is
Then I haven’t been home in a long while.
Raised in a house built on love
Looking back all I can do is smile.
We never had much but it always
Felt like more than enough.
A strong and sturdy foundation
Couldn’t anything come between us.
You encouraged us to be ourselves
And that is was ok to be different.
Work hard at everything you do
And always be consistent.
As I sit here in the dungeon
In a place that I can call my own.
The love I grew up with doesn’t exist here.
So this place will never be my home.

Walking Contradiction

My kindness is my weakness
And its always put to the test.
Y’all keep thinking shits sweet
Cause I’ve learned to mask the stress.
Now all this anger that builds
Inside for the world not to see.
I don’t hide behind a smile because
The world is becoming too much for me.
Its a complicated mind I have
Often a walking contradiction.
Maybe a cry for help is needed
But I’ve never liked a lot of attention.
That’s the gift and the curse
And I fight this all by my lonely.
I gotta do better for myself
Something I’ve never really asked of me….

We Exist…..I Promise

She said she’s done with men
Yeah we don’t believe you boo.
Falling in and out of love
That’s just the story of you.
You say we’re all the same
But how can that be true?
Oh your taste is the same
Well I guess that’s on you.
I could tell you I was different
But you probably wouldn’t believe.
We’re not all the same
A concept you could not conceive.
You can’t judge the whole of us
Solely by the sum of our parts.
Trust me we out here waiting
With our pure and well intended hearts…

Too Close But Not Close Enough

I played the fool but only have myself to blame.
I knew it would never happen but still played the game.
We got too close, I mistook friendship for something else.
My feelings get hurt but I could never tell you this.
I hide behind my feelings when I tell you I’m doing fine.
Impatiently waiting, hoping some night are stars will align.
But it was never meant to be and I truly know that.
Sometimes I wish that we had never even met.
Irrational thoughts sometimes cloud my better judgement.
My anger towards you only lasts for about a moment.
You’re always there for me when I need someone the most.
You’ll never be what I want you to be but I’m glad that we are close.

So You’re In Love Now

Oh so you’re in love now
With your ole gold digging self.
No you found someone dumb enough
To take care of you and your zero wealth.
Got this fool playing daddy
And neither of them share his last name.
But neither of them do either
What a goddamn shame.
The night you got with him
You was planning a trip to the dungeon.
You was all on my dick
And I was just trying to fuck for fun.
Hit me up later talking bout
You weren’t trying to lead me on.
Bitch I was just trying to hit real quick
And send your ass back where you belonged.
Oh but you’re in love now,
Whatever helps you sleep at night.
Cant wait to see you in a few months talking bout
“Can I come spend the night?”
Nope this account is closed. Bye Bitch!!!!