The sun shines bright for others
But all I seem to catch is shade.
I’ve checked out mentally
Sick and tired of getting played.
I reached out to you and you
Just turned and walked away.
When you needed someone to vent to
That phone call damn sure came this way.
I’m cut from a different cloth and
I know we are not the same.
Just wish I would remember this
Before I engage you in your silly game.
Even tho I hate the way I’m treated
I can only be mad at myself.
The more I hope you would change
The more you became all about self.
Dark clouds follow me around
When you were supposed clear the way.
To let the sunshine through and
Allow me to see a bright sun shining day.
Too much responsibility for one
I guess it was too much for you to handle.
Lights out for us. Goodnight, time to blow out the candle……


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