I’m Trying

Trying to be positive is like a full time job.
I punch the clock and feel like I’m ready to go.
Everyday vastly different from previous one.
Full of frustrations that I wish I could show.
Feeling like the weight of the world is
Resting peacefully upon my shoulders.
My mental settings are on auto pilot.
Designed to fulfill everyone else’s orders.
I have no idea what it means to relax.
My brain constantly reminds me that I’m
Alone for a reason even tho I don’t know why.
Every thought pushing me further past my prime.
Communication will always be crucial
Even tho you have never heard me talk.
Without never really giving me a chance.
I would hate to see you get up and walk.
This is my subtle way of hoping for the best.
Positivity has never ever been my strongest point.
But for you I will try any and everything
Cause I’m trying and would never want to disappoint….


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