Monthly Archives: March 2013

#Her pt.2

She’s too cute for words
But I could never tell #her.
I mean, I guess I could but
I don’t want to overwhelm #her.
She gets enough kind words
She no longer feels like the old #her. Normalcy is what she wants
She wants to get back to the old #her.
Given the real chance and opportunity.
I know that I could love #her.
Making the best of a still moment
Can only endear me to #her.


Do You Even Care

I have given up all hope
Let me make that very clear.
I’m screaming that as loud as I can.
Problem is, do you even care?
Used to be silent and guarded
But now have put my heart on display.
That was huge for me cause
I opened up and you still stayed away.
I have one real supporter in this and Somehow thought there would be more.
Silly of me to think that cause
Popularity I’ve never been known for.
I no longer care if I live or die
Crack another bottle raise my glass in the air.
Cheers to my imminent funeral
Tell me now. Do you even care???


You never thought of me like that
So fuck you and all your morals.
Haha I’m just kidding ms lady
I want you and me to turn this into something plural.
Thats US , I’m talking bout me and you.
My feelings aren’t superficial
Making us work is all that I wanna do,
We’re strangers to each other
But only in that special way.
Touching and feeling ourselves out
That’s just the stupid game we play.
I have been blinded by rejection
I just wanna make that clear.
Listening to my heart
Is all I want you to hear…..

I’m not perfect

I’m not perfect and truth be told
I never really claimed to be.
Can’t help but wonder when
Karma’s gonna stop fucking with me. Mistakes have definitely been made and those dues should’ve been paid.
Playing with someone else’s emotions
Is a game I should have never played. Just sitting here alone I had to
Learn how to shut off my brain.
Negativity can spread like wildfires
Those thoughts can easily drive me insane.
I’m not perfect and truth be told
I never really claimed to be.
Ok karma I see you and respect you
But I think it’s time you stop fucking with me.

I’m Trying

Trying to be positive is like a full time job.
I punch the clock and feel like I’m ready to go.
Everyday vastly different from previous one.
Full of frustrations that I wish I could show.
Feeling like the weight of the world is
Resting peacefully upon my shoulders.
My mental settings are on auto pilot.
Designed to fulfill everyone else’s orders.
I have no idea what it means to relax.
My brain constantly reminds me that I’m
Alone for a reason even tho I don’t know why.
Every thought pushing me further past my prime.
Communication will always be crucial
Even tho you have never heard me talk.
Without never really giving me a chance.
I would hate to see you get up and walk.
This is my subtle way of hoping for the best.
Positivity has never ever been my strongest point.
But for you I will try any and everything
Cause I’m trying and would never want to disappoint….

This is Me

There’s a lot of things in life That should not even matter. Age, race and physical appearance Will not dictate who I chase after. Trapped in a place that was as dark As the sky on a cold winter night. You offered up a ray of sunshine That might make everything alright. Questioning me, talking bout am I Out here trying to live a double life. Not at all, if I’m being honest I’m just trying to find my wife. Yeah she may be young but is Definitely much wiser than her years. My intentions are more than sincere I just hope that alleviates some of your fears. I am who I am which is to say I know I have my fair share of faults. I’m human and a work in progress determined to better at any cost.

Pinot on E

Deep conversations had over a bottle of Pinot. Guards down, its just easier to let it all go. We inhale the wine and exhale the stress. These are the nights I’ll remember the best. Like clockwork the convo always starts to turn. Towards that one thing that we both yearn. I question you why can’t it ever be me. You say the timing never matches our destiny. I have so much to give but no chances are given. Oh now you concerned with how a brotha living??? Last glass poured and now I feel like the bottle that’s in front of me. Alone and without substance, just sitting there on empty….

No Love For The Lonely Man

Theres no love for the lonely man.
Out doing the very best he can.
At every turn he faces another turn
Not another chance but another lesson to learn.

Theres no love for the lonely man.
Wandering the world without a plan.
Cause everything he wanted to feel
Was fake and phony and never was real.

Theres no love for the lonely man.
Alone in the world without a single care.
Mad and frustrated at how his life unfurled.
Middle fingers high screaming fuck the world.

I Got Enough Friends

They say you can’t have enough friends Well I’m here to say that yes you can. You say you’ve been hurt many times before And to that point I can surely understand. I begged and pleaded my case for you But a broken heart has closed your ears. The wear and tear of previous relationships Have broken you down over the years. I know the pain I’ve had my fair shares of “it’s never me it’s always you” type of moments. We should just be friends offered up Like that’s supposed to console me. But you can’t hold onto the past forever At some point you have to live and let be. I got enough friends, if that’s what you seek look elsewhere cause you won’t find one in me.

That Good Sleep

You haven’t had that good sleep in awhile now That kinda sleep that just knocks you the hell out. That kind of sleep that make you start to think Was it that real or just too much to drink. You wake up wondering where the hell my drawers at? In the bushes for real??? in your mind trying to replay that. You were coming to your senses but couldn’t see. Body aching and trembling, living in some kinda ecstasy. Afraid to find out if what you felt was real Mysteries can be wonderful, fuck how you really feel….