To all those who have been to the dungeon understand that I don’t own much in this world. Well tonight I came home to a nightmare situation. When I first walked in I noticed the light from the tv being on (which is weird cause it was off when I left for work in the morning). I cut the light on and see that there’s a big ass leak in the ceiling. Half my sofa bed is soaked, with water still dripping. Called my landlord and get the voicemail, so I don’t know what to think. In my mind I’m thinking I can’t stay here tonight but don’t have anywhere else to go. Finally 1&1/2 hrs later my landlord calls me back telling me there was some sort of flooding above me but not to worry cause they “fixed” the issue. Mind you, I got home at 6, so that means that they didn’t think of calling me to let me know that I may be expecting an issue if and when I returned home!!!! Now I got water damage to about 40% of my apt and I’m not sure if this ceiling will make it thru the night. So yeah i’m gonna pound this Brandy and be grateful if I make it to the morning


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