Monthly Archives: February 2013

Never Alone

If I offered you my ear
would you tell me your problems?
All your insecurities and issues
Would you let me help you resolve them?
It’s not a sign of weakness to ask
For help when you need a helping hand.
No one will look down upon you
Especially if you’re doing the best you can.
Being that we are all human
We are prone to have many flaws.
If you let me I will walk beside you
And take this journey together, just because….


Silent Partners

Our silence towards one another
Speaks louder than any words ever said.
Those unspoken words left us wondering
What a single action could have did.
When we do speak
You only tell me things I wanna hear.
Deep down we both know that
You never really cared.
We keep each other around
For our own very different reasons.
For you it was out of necessity
For me its all about allegiance.
They say bad habits die hard
But you seem to be here forever.
We will always be forever linked
sadly, just not together…..

If Only……A Letter to You

She likes everything I do
but she will never like me.
Life has a funny way of working out, somethings were just never meant to be.
How we met is how we met
that’s all just a distant memory.
Slowly feelings started to develop
Said feelings started to take over me.
Consumed by the thought of you
even when I’m sleep I still see your smile.
The flames burning my better judgment
I have to put out this fire.
I know what we have
and all that will it never be.
I will always appreciate what it is
but if only I could go back and rewrite history.

Sunny Disposition

From the depths of the bottom if you look up you can see the light.
That low feeling is only temporary cause in time everything will be alright.
You have to weather the storm cause trust, the ride will be rough.
Never overlook the little gestures from others cause those can be more than enough.
Just remember on a cloudy day the sun still shines bright.
Once the clouds pass you will clearly see that everythings gonna be alright.

Hard Headed

Instead of Monstah my nickname should be mule. I’m stubborn like one but in my mind I’d like to think I’m cool. But when reality speaks it only tells the truth. I take a look around me and all I see is the proof. A room full of emptiness, shattered dreams and a whole lot of irrelevance. My pride won’t allow me to dumb me down to low levels of ignorance. To know me is to love me but also known to hate me. If you don’t believe me girl then just try and date me. I’m hard headed and somewhat stuck in my ways. But I’m also not your last man. I don’t play the games he played. Hard headed but my intentions areĀ  never bad. Fuck with me, I’m probably the best you never had….


To all those who have been to the dungeon understand that I don’t own much in this world. Well tonight I came home to a nightmare situation. When I first walked in I noticed the light from the tv being on (which is weird cause it was off when I left for work in the morning). I cut the light on and see that there’s a big ass leak in the ceiling. Half my sofa bed is soaked, with water still dripping. Called my landlord and get the voicemail, so I don’t know what to think. In my mind I’m thinking I can’t stay here tonight but don’t have anywhere else to go. Finally 1&1/2 hrs later my landlord calls me back telling me there was some sort of flooding above me but not to worry cause they “fixed” the issue. Mind you, I got home at 6, so that means that they didn’t think of calling me to let me know that I may be expecting an issue if and when I returned home!!!! Now I got water damage to about 40% of my apt and I’m not sure if this ceiling will make it thru the night. So yeah i’m gonna pound this Brandy and be grateful if I make it to the morning