My Mothers Son

Everything done in the dark will always come to the light. Been holding this in too long, its time to set my mind right. Family isn’t chosen and I couldn’t have chosen a better one, well except for the bitch i’ll refer to as my mothers son. He violated so many codes especially family coming first. The boy got some pussy, and that’s when things got worse. Brought an evil spirit into what was once a happy home. You were desperate and obviously didn’t wanna die alone. I won’t fault you for that cause no one deserves that fate. Couldn’t get it in real life so you turned to the internet to find you a mate. Lame ass bitch you chose the wackest one on the site. Not many suitors you won that bitch without a fight. We all could see that she wasn’t the one. The bitch is bi-polar but you only saw the good side. Damn it’s true when they say love is blind. But enough about her cause she’s not that important someday you’ll realize it’s your money she’s extorting. Nobody will ever understand why you chose her over us. But theres no coming back from that decision and that’s something you can trust. Damn shame how it ended but you are no longer my brother. Wish I had the choice cause I damn sure would have chose another…..


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