Shout Out To My Ex pt.2

You’re so vain, you probably thought Shout Out was about you but it wasn’t. If I am being honest it was mostly about my best friends cousin. I debated even puttin it out cause I didn’t want it misconstrued. But I get how you could see it and be a little bit confused. The past is the past and thats where most things need to stay. Believe me when I told ya I’m gonna be ok. I don’t like looking backwards it hurts my vision. Wondering what I could do better, hoping and wishing. You were no good for me but I knew that 3 years ago. I can’t get a girl but you can’t keep a man, these things I do know. I see what you were doing, trying to keep a door open. But I’m smarter than that so yup, that door has been officially closed in. 


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