To my caramel cutie, I wanna get to know you better and see if there’s a possibility. Of me and you exploring each others minds cause if that happens, i know that you’ll be mine. Cause that would mean you gave me a chance. Past this sometimes hard exterior is a man looking for romance. I’m quiet and shy much to my dismay. Sit back hoping, a giant sign you’ll throw my way. We’ve interacted and you seem to like my style. I don’t know if it’s real but I love the way you smile. Frustrated, all these words that i write, i wish i could say. Gotta get my courage up cause tomorrows a new day. And with a new day came a surprise. A lot of cold shoulders, I barely got a hi. As I suspected there’s a lot of competition. So I’ll gracefully bow out respecting my own intuition. It was a fun little crush even tho a short time it lasted. You will never be mine so I got to get past this…


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