Monthly Archives: December 2012


I thought about you and suddenly everything fell into place. Without your smile, I couldn’t even imagine your face. I live for you, breathe for you without you I can’t pretend.
My life was at a standstill and now it has started, once again. You made me whole when I was looking for my other half. You were there when I needed you, I never had to ask. You gave me hope when I stopped believing in life. If you give me your hand, I would love forever knowing you were my wife…..


My Reality

I’m not a popular kid, I don’t run with the cool crowd. Sometimes I feel like being happy, just ain’t allowed. I see y’alls rainbows with the pot of gold. I got the black cloud, that keeps me dark and cold. You may see this and think I’m looking for sympathy but not at all, i’m just being real with me. Happiness may have eluded me a few times in the past. I’ve come to the conclusion that those feelings just don’t last. Life is never easy even tho I wish it were. I’m constantly on a mission, trying to find my her. I know she’s out there and maybe I’ve heard her voice. Love ain’t up to me but I wish I had the choice. Cause I know who/want she wants but unfortunately it’s not me. What I wouldn’t do to change this reality.

Closed Door

These cats out here playing house but ain’t laid a brick. Might have laid some pipe but that ain’t the same, is it? I’d rather be apart of something real than something based off convenience. Manufactured life, eyes wide shut some people couldn’t see this. Part of a checkered past how could you be so dumb. The door was opened before there was a reason you chose to run. Oh so now you wanna be the knight in shining armor? Everything’s always good today but what about tomorrow? Advice you don’t need cause you’ve rode this train before. Chances are you’re gonna regret walking back thru that door.

Shout Out To My Ex pt.2

You’re so vain, you probably thought Shout Out was about you but it wasn’t. If I am being honest it was mostly about my best friends cousin. I debated even puttin it out cause I didn’t want it misconstrued. But I get how you could see it and be a little bit confused. The past is the past and thats where most things need to stay. Believe me when I told ya I’m gonna be ok. I don’t like looking backwards it hurts my vision. Wondering what I could do better, hoping and wishing. You were no good for me but I knew that 3 years ago. I can’t get a girl but you can’t keep a man, these things I do know. I see what you were doing, trying to keep a door open. But I’m smarter than that so yup, that door has been officially closed in. 

No Fucks Given

The same night I met her I was still fucking with you. You was plan b but nothing like that pill. Thankfully it didn’t work out, my time wasn’t wasted. Avoided a bad decision, good thing you were just some in case shit. You know, break the glass whenever I needed a fix. Junky style you would have been sucking the glass dick. I know it’s kinda harsh but zero fucks are all I’m given. Changed the locks on my heart your passcode has been rescinded…..Goodbye


To my caramel cutie, I wanna get to know you better and see if there’s a possibility. Of me and you exploring each others minds cause if that happens, i know that you’ll be mine. Cause that would mean you gave me a chance. Past this sometimes hard exterior is a man looking for romance. I’m quiet and shy much to my dismay. Sit back hoping, a giant sign you’ll throw my way. We’ve interacted and you seem to like my style. I don’t know if it’s real but I love the way you smile. Frustrated, all these words that i write, i wish i could say. Gotta get my courage up cause tomorrows a new day. And with a new day came a surprise. A lot of cold shoulders, I barely got a hi. As I suspected there’s a lot of competition. So I’ll gracefully bow out respecting my own intuition. It was a fun little crush even tho a short time it lasted. You will never be mine so I got to get past this…