7 seconds or less >>>> The Triangle

According to a poll on espn.com 68% of people wanted Phil Jackson. My question is why??? I respect Phil and his legacy, afterall he has already won 5 titles as the Lakers coach along with 6 he won with the Bulls. But this team wasn’t constructed to run The Princeton and it damn sure isn’t built to run the Triangle. Historically, the triangle offense has never featured an elite point guard ( John Paxson, BJ Armstrong, Steve Kerr, Ron Harper, Derek Fisher, Smush Freaking Parker for God’s sake)and it never had to because at it’s core it’s just a motion offense. Steve Nash needs the ball in his hands so he can do “Steve Nash” like things. He is a pick and roll type point guard and with Kobe, Dwight and Pau the options are limitless and quite scary. Now all that being said, he needs to be healthy for any of this to matter. But being that he was league MVP two times under D’Antoni leads me to the conclusion that D’Antoni is the better fit. Another factor is that the rumors were true about what Phil wanted in order to coach would have been asking for a little bit much. Essentially he wanted control of operations and travel restrictions. No team needs a part time coach even with the pedigree Phil has. This would have been a 3rd stint for the Zen Master and not sure that it would’ve been a charm. This roster may not be built for 7 seconds or less but definitely not the triangle


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