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I pour my heart out for these females but they don’t understand. That’s cuz they stuck on the wrongdoings of their last man. That man and me I promise, we aren’t the same girl. 
Open up your heart and let me into your world. I can be the medicine that heals all your wounds. All your negative energies i would love to consume. I would never want you to be unhappy, you deserve a permanent smile on your heart. Given the chance, I know I would  do my part. 



On this Thanksgiving, I give thanks to my parents and my sister for always being there for me. For the rest of my family and friends, you all have a place in my heart always. Sometimes its easier to dwell on the things that I don’t have but I would be a fool not to appreciate ALL that I do have. So thank you all for playing some part in my life  its always appreciated.

Shout out to my ex

In the most quiet moments I think about her. Wondering if we could pick back up as we were. The good times were good and the bad times were rare. Damn I hate the fact you aren’t right here. Here is where you are supposed to be. Holding me down, fully supporting me. And I supporting you goes it should always go both ways. Here I am sitting, reminiscing. Longing for the old days. I can’t shake this feeling, replaying all wrongs I’ve done. Lingering like a black cloud I can no longer see the sun. But one things is clear as I pour my soul thru this text. I love you and miss you, so shout out to my ex…

Off The Top

I sit here all alone in my corner wondering how I ended up here. I surrounded myself with the invisible crew, you know the ones  they kept it crystal clear. Memories clicked from every instagram photo, no love for the kid you know that’s a no go. Brandy in my cup cause she’s my only friend. One day she will bring all the pain and suffering to an end.  Till then im gonna live this life by my lonely. My best  friend, I’m my one and only.

7 seconds or less >>>> The Triangle

According to a poll on 68% of people wanted Phil Jackson. My question is why??? I respect Phil and his legacy, afterall he has already won 5 titles as the Lakers coach along with 6 he won with the Bulls. But this team wasn’t constructed to run The Princeton and it damn sure isn’t built to run the Triangle. Historically, the triangle offense has never featured an elite point guard ( John Paxson, BJ Armstrong, Steve Kerr, Ron Harper, Derek Fisher, Smush Freaking Parker for God’s sake)and it never had to because at it’s core it’s just a motion offense. Steve Nash needs the ball in his hands so he can do “Steve Nash” like things. He is a pick and roll type point guard and with Kobe, Dwight and Pau the options are limitless and quite scary. Now all that being said, he needs to be healthy for any of this to matter. But being that he was league MVP two times under D’Antoni leads me to the conclusion that D’Antoni is the better fit. Another factor is that the rumors were true about what Phil wanted in order to coach would have been asking for a little bit much. Essentially he wanted control of operations and travel restrictions. No team needs a part time coach even with the pedigree Phil has. This would have been a 3rd stint for the Zen Master and not sure that it would’ve been a charm. This roster may not be built for 7 seconds or less but definitely not the triangle

Words and Consequences

Y’all ladies be throwing round words that’s nothing to you but everything to me. just lying out of your mouth, just talking all recklessly. Y’all be throwing the word love around like you’re a quarterback. When I say it i mean it cause to me there’s no turning back. I know some men are just as guilty but I’m not like them. I’m the opposite of the rule, just call me the exception. But when it comes to you females, frustrations start to set in. You would rather be with the men with the most non pure intentions. If only you knew you probably wouldn’t waste your time. You would have been known that you could’ve been mine…

Return of Team Gang Green

There’s always a week in fantasy where you’re like damn ” Team X didn’t set their roster. Why can’t I play THAT team???” Well this week was that week, I was playing “Team X”. Tho it probably wouldn’t have mattered as my team went HAM!!!! it started with a sneaky pick up of San Diegos D/ST that got the ball rolling with 26 pts. 7 out of my 9 positions put up double digits (5 were 20+). 157 total pts later I have got my 2nd win this season….WOO HOO!!!! oh and shout out to Doug Martin who put up 51!!!! pts and entered his name in what was the two qb race for rookie of the year…Salute