The year of the Purple and Gold

Many of the pundits have declared this to be Lebron and The Heats year once again. And why not, Lebron has seemingly realized that he has a chance to go down as the best player of all time, statistically speaking anyways. But The Lakers, again most pundits have them losing to The Heat, are poised to be a serious contender. The Lakers have the best starting five in the league. They have 4 perrenial all stars and a guy in Metta World Peace who won’t be asked to do much offensively but is still a legitimate on the ball defender. Which is where his true value lies. To get outta the west, he will have the daunting task of shutting down Kevin Durant, the reigning scoring champ. Not an easy task but he has done it before so it’s not out of the realm that he can do it again. The additions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash just add to the Lakers legacy of centers and point guards. There health is an issue but if all goes to script, their minutes (especially Nash’s) should be down as they should be beating down teams thru 3 quarters that will allow them to rest in the 4th. Both Kobe and Pau should benefit from Nash’s prescence. Pau in a pick n roll situation will present matchup problems cause of Nash’s high basketball iq putting him in the best postion to succeed. And well Kobe is Kobe. He won’t have to do it all by himself ie creating his own shot. He is still gonna avg. 27 pts a game and be called to do Kobe-esque things when needed. The two things that worry me are the bench and the coach. Antawn Jamison is the biggest name off the bench and seeing how this is a complimentary role, he should be ok. Steve Blake showed flashes of being a competent backup point but needs to be more consistent. But that being said there is the potential of having at least two all stars on the court at all times and that comes down to coaching. Mike Brown hasn’t proven to be the best coach but he is also filling big shoes in replacing Phil Jackson. But he has too much talent to screw this up. So I fully expect this to be the year No.17 goes up into the rafters. Tipoff is hours away and I will view this season thru purple and gold hued glasses.


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