I’m confused…geographically speaking

Dear NFL, stop playing games in London. It is a dumb idea. I understand the need to go global but let’s NOT do it during the regular season. This years game is so puzzling to me. It features ST.Louis and New England. Now for the punchline to a bad joke I get it, New England playing in…wait for it….England!!!! Bad jokes aside, why aren’t they the “home” team??? Last time I checked Massachusetts is a lot closer to England than Missouri is but yet and still ST.Louis is the “home”…Does ST.Louis get to keep all the gate revenues like they would at a regular home game? That I don’t know but come Sunday they are gonna have to travel a lot further than their opponent to play in what is a “home” game. Outta spite and the fact that I hate New England I’m take ST.Louis and the points!!!


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