The Battle of two not so good teams

Everyone that knows me KNOWS I’m a Jets fan, been one since 98. Always been a football fan just never had a favorite team. I don’t believe you have to like the hometown teams I mean afterall I had no control on where I was conceived/birthed. I’m a Red Sox cause I had been to numerous games growing up, hell it’s Fenway….enough said. But I had never ever been to the old Garden and had only driven by Foxborough Stadium a couple of times, so no real connection to those teams. I mean at age 5 I was a fan of saying “Squish the Fish” and “Bury the Bears” and history will show that The Pats did half of those things. So flash forward to 98 and i desperately wanted to root for one team so I thought to myself “How can I piss people off the most?” We all know Yankees/Red Sox is a great rivalry so I wanted play off of that. The Jets just had named Bill Parcells coach who brought Curtis Martin with him and already had loud mouth superstar Keyshawn Johnson. Ex Patriot coach brings hall of fame running back with him a New York team???? Easy choice really lol. They rewarded me with a 12-4 record and a reason to get under my friends skin lol but now at least 2 times a season I get to go back and forth with friends and colleagues, sometimes it’s fun and other times flat out annoying lol. So tonight we were treated to meeting one and neither one of these teams are particularly good this season but alas the Pats won and I lose bragging rights but I stand by my mediocre at best team. The season is not lost and no need for full time Tebow just stay the course cause this division is STILL up for grabs


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