Me and my boy say shocker like we white girls from the valley or the Jersey Shore lol ( he’s black as well btw lol). We see some shit on a day to day on the job that would surprise most but very much expected to us. So we hit these situations with a sarcastic “Shocker” and an eye roll. So let’s review my football picks vs the spread for the week. Now mind you coming into this week I’m 26-48-3 aka not very good at all. Heading into tonights Den/SD I am a sizzling 4-9, say it with me now….”SHOCKER!!!” I had to turn all this losing into something beneficial so with every week I’m finish under .500 I’m doing pushups and sit-ups. If the next 11 weeks go as they have I’m gonna be in good shape this winter lol….Oh yeah my Jets won and WILL win next weeks game vs The Pats 28-24!!!


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