A Tie Is Better Than a Loss

My Sundays are a nerve racking experience lol. I’m sure I mentioned this last but Fantasy and all the other games I play have ruined my football experience. Constantly refreshing my iPod ensuring that my fantasy points are always up to date. Well today as of right now, this exact second I am currently tied and neither of us have anyone else playing. But I know better cause the dust never really settles until usually the next day as some scoring issues arise, usually with D/ST as I saw with my own team picking up 3 more pts AFTER the game had ended. But I had interesting conversation with the guy I was going against today on thursday. I was projected to win by a lot which doesn’t mean anything btw. But he’s was like “I dont wanna lose but I’ll be ok with a tie” I was like why tie when goal is to win and said “cause a tie is better than a loss” Well Russ now that your 4-0-1 and I’m 0-4-1 you are right something about seeing that 1 instead of 0-5 is a little comforting lol


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