It’s Gets Better….Maybe

After 3 3/4 games into the season, I thought it would be a good time for the second coming aka Timothy Tebow time. My Jets were down and out and couldn’t sustain any kind of a drive, I thought “Why not???” But no matter how much shit he talks I always go with the assumption that Rex or any other professional coach for that matter knows more than me. And in this case, he was. No Tebow, well outside of his very predictable decoy/wildcat plays. Bringing in Tebow this early in the season indicates to me at least that they are conceding the season. Now one could argue that after losing Revis and now it appears Santonio Holmes is done for the year that season is a loss anyways. A qb controversy is not necessary at this stage of the season considering that’s not their biggest problem. Run defense sucks, they can’t run the ball and their receivers can’t get separation at all. Monday night they play Houston who is right now the best team in the AFC and possibly the NFL!!! I’m gonna root for them cause that’s my team but the only winning their gonna be doing is when I play with them in Madden’s Connected Career lol….


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