The Wrong One

        The Wrong One    
I’m aware of my surroundings which means I understand why you just can’t stand to be around me. I keep the company of what one would call bad influences. Which at it’s root is the cause of all of our differences. We try to skate around the issues like we in a hockey rink. Shut our brains down so they’re not allowed to think. But I think we need to keep it real. It’s okay to let each other know how we really feel. I wanted a family and yes that included a kid. Swept under the rug but that truth you never hid. You’re the reverse of a female that has a kid to trap a man. You say that you might want one but you know that is not your plan. That ain’t work on me try that on another man. I bought condoms just in case one got away didn’t matter we ended up in cvs the next day. The morning after surely it was, had to cop that pill we know what it does. I’m not bitter and I won’t complain. But I won’t settle for what I want, that’s all that I’m  saying….


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