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The year of the Purple and Gold

Many of the pundits have declared this to be Lebron and The Heats year once again. And why not, Lebron has seemingly realized that he has a chance to go down as the best player of all time, statistically speaking anyways. But The Lakers, again most pundits have them losing to The Heat, are poised to be a serious contender. The Lakers have the best starting five in the league. They have 4 perrenial all stars and a guy in Metta World Peace who won’t be asked to do much offensively but is still a legitimate on the ball defender. Which is where his true value lies. To get outta the west, he will have the daunting task of shutting down Kevin Durant, the reigning scoring champ. Not an easy task but he has done it before so it’s not out of the realm that he can do it again. The additions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash just add to the Lakers legacy of centers and point guards. There health is an issue but if all goes to script, their minutes (especially Nash’s) should be down as they should be beating down teams thru 3 quarters that will allow them to rest in the 4th. Both Kobe and Pau should benefit from Nash’s prescence. Pau in a pick n roll situation will present matchup problems cause of Nash’s high basketball iq putting him in the best postion to succeed. And well Kobe is Kobe. He won’t have to do it all by himself ie creating his own shot. He is still gonna avg. 27 pts a game and be called to do Kobe-esque things when needed. The two things that worry me are the bench and the coach. Antawn Jamison is the biggest name off the bench and seeing how this is a complimentary role, he should be ok. Steve Blake showed flashes of being a competent backup point but needs to be more consistent. But that being said there is the potential of having at least two all stars on the court at all times and that comes down to coaching. Mike Brown hasn’t proven to be the best coach but he is also filling big shoes in replacing Phil Jackson. But he has too much talent to screw this up. So I fully expect this to be the year No.17 goes up into the rafters. Tipoff is hours away and I will view this season thru purple and gold hued glasses.


Better Me

            Better Me

Traveling down the wrong path I needed to find a new identity not just to please anyone else this is something I had to do for me. Kept staring in the mirror and didn’t like was staring back. I had to kill that image, allow it to fade to black. I learned in the past what worked and what didn’t. I’ve  learned what is real and what isn’t. Being my best is what I strive to be. Being my best for you but more importantly for me.


I’ve dealt a lot with the wrong ones those were the types that should have been the one and dones. Catching up, I’ve done some dirt. Had some relations took it way past flirt. Life is a war and sometimes there’s some casualities. Dreamed so hard felt like I was living dual realities. But you know the story it just wasn’t meant to be. Two different endings, neither of which included we…

I’m confused…geographically speaking

Dear NFL, stop playing games in London. It is a dumb idea. I understand the need to go global but let’s NOT do it during the regular season. This years game is so puzzling to me. It features ST.Louis and New England. Now for the punchline to a bad joke I get it, New England playing in…wait for it….England!!!! Bad jokes aside, why aren’t they the “home” team??? Last time I checked Massachusetts is a lot closer to England than Missouri is but yet and still ST.Louis is the “home”…Does ST.Louis get to keep all the gate revenues like they would at a regular home game? That I don’t know but come Sunday they are gonna have to travel a lot further than their opponent to play in what is a “home” game. Outta spite and the fact that I hate New England I’m take ST.Louis and the points!!!

A Fantasy Worth Reliving

I, the proud owner of The Gang Green Monstahs have won my first week of fantasy football. 2 weeks ago I was of the mindset that a tie was better than a loss, that’s a losers mentality and just a moral victory and as Jay Z reminds us ” moral victories are for minor league coaches, Ye already told ya we major ya cockroaches.” irregaurdless of what happens tonight, I’m up 77-31 with Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall’s projected 33 more points between, I have already sealed the week. I hope this fantasy replays itself in the same manner for the next 7 weeks. It’s time my Monstahs make this fantasy my reality.

The Battle of two not so good teams

Everyone that knows me KNOWS I’m a Jets fan, been one since 98. Always been a football fan just never had a favorite team. I don’t believe you have to like the hometown teams I mean afterall I had no control on where I was conceived/birthed. I’m a Red Sox cause I had been to numerous games growing up, hell it’s Fenway….enough said. But I had never ever been to the old Garden and had only driven by Foxborough Stadium a couple of times, so no real connection to those teams. I mean at age 5 I was a fan of saying “Squish the Fish” and “Bury the Bears” and history will show that The Pats did half of those things. So flash forward to 98 and i desperately wanted to root for one team so I thought to myself “How can I piss people off the most?” We all know Yankees/Red Sox is a great rivalry so I wanted play off of that. The Jets just had named Bill Parcells coach who brought Curtis Martin with him and already had loud mouth superstar Keyshawn Johnson. Ex Patriot coach brings hall of fame running back with him a New York team???? Easy choice really lol. They rewarded me with a 12-4 record and a reason to get under my friends skin lol but now at least 2 times a season I get to go back and forth with friends and colleagues, sometimes it’s fun and other times flat out annoying lol. So tonight we were treated to meeting one and neither one of these teams are particularly good this season but alas the Pats won and I lose bragging rights but I stand by my mediocre at best team. The season is not lost and no need for full time Tebow just stay the course cause this division is STILL up for grabs

The Curse

I heard a knock on the front door couldn’t imagine who it could have been. Overcome by skepticism contemplating if I should have let em in. We sat and chopped it up like we were best friends. Past conversations already lets me know how this story ends. But I hope for the best and try and ignore the worst. Like a new vampire I’m simply trying to avoid the thirst.   I’m blood hungry and I don’t  know what’s worse. Living life alone or welcoming the curse….


I always fall for the wrong one. Shes always around but what i need just can’t be found. The problem with me is that I speak prematurely. Get excited too soon, and always end up by my lonely. No thought as to what  she could really be.  She’s out there but wondering if she’ll ever find me. Life is a journey, life is a trip. I just wanna find my last, long term relationship.